Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keyzio?

Keyzio is a nationwide, consumer-to-consumer real estate marketplace where buyers and sellers connect with each other directly and optionally get the specific help they need to close the deal through our in-house and partner agents. We’re a licensed broker in KS and MO and we’ve sold over $20 million worth of Kansas City real estate since our brokerage launched in 2014.

Why was Keyzio created?

Our Founders created Keyzio after frustrating home buying and selling experiences. We think the home buying and selling experience should be better, less expensive, and easier. Read our first blog post for more info.

Where does the name come from?

Pronounced “Key-zee-o”, the name was derived from a complex algebraic equation: Keys + Easy + Open = We make it easy to open the door to your dream home. And also because the domain name was available 🙂

How does it work?

1) Create your home profile and/or buyer profile. 2) Like the homes you love and engage with other users. 3) Optional – request help from our team of in-house and partner agents to get the specific help you need to close the deal.

What does it mean to “like” a home, how do I like a home, and what happens after I like a home?

“Liking” a home could indicate a variety of things. You may like a home’s curb appeal, you may want to remember a home for future reference, or you may want to receive an alert when a specific home becomes available for sale. The easiest way to like a home is through our mobile app. When you see a home you like, open the app, and drop a pin on it. Your buyer profile will then be attached to that property so that the current owner, or future owners, will be able to connect with you. In addition, you’ll begin receiving alerts when new home profiles are created near any of the homes you’ve liked.

What is a “home profile” and what happens after I create a profile for my home?

A home profile is sort of like a facebook page for your home. You can upload some pictures, share a bit of information about your home, and it provides other users with an easy way to connect with you without them being able to see your email address. A home profile is not a listing and it in no way means that your home is for sale, although it could be. When you create your home’s profile, we’ll send you a link to a unique web page for your home that you can use and share however you choose. We then help you get the conversation started with other users by notifying you when your home, or a neighboring home, has been liked by another user.

Does Keyzio display multiple listing service (MLS) data?

Not at this time. All of the profiles and content on Keyzio are user generated. The only MLS data you’ll find on Keyzio will be our own exclusive listings that we’ve listed on the MLS. These listings are identified on Keyzio as “Exclusive” and are available in the MLS for other brokers to show to their buyers through CSS.

Can I use the Keyzio platform to directly list my home on my local MLS?

Not directly, but you may list your home on your local MLS through one of our in-house or partner agents. Please contact us to discuss your MLS listing options in more detail.

If I sign up, is Keyzio my broker/agent? What does it cost?

No. Signing up does not impose any financial obligations on you or create any sort of fiduciary relationship or agency agreement between you and Keyzio. The basic platform is free, but some of the services that you can request through the platform may be subject to fees which will always be clearly communicated to you up front.

I already have an agent. Can I use Keyzio?

Yes. However, we recommend you discuss Keyzio with your agent and clearly indicate on your home and/or buyer profile that you are working with an agent.

I’m an agent/broker. Can I use Keyzio?

Yes. However, you may not use the platform to solicit new clients. It’s annoying, and it’s not why our users are here. You may contact users only if you have a bona fide reason for doing so (i.e. you have a client that may benefit from connecting with a Keyzio user), and you must clearly disclose to the user that you are an agent.

I still have questions, how can I contact someone at Keyzio?

Contact us here or through the form below.

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